“D. Wade’s Best Spin Move of His Career”

(Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)
You don’t fool me, D. Wade. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

D. Wade has mastered the art of spin moves. He’s finished plenty in his day, including this one:


Not too shabby, right? But listen close when I tell you he’s about to finish off the the best spin of his career. As we all know, Wade is set to make his free agency decision sometime very soon.

So here’s some facts:

Dwyane Wade is NOT going to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Dwyane Wade is NOT going to his hometown team, Chicago Bulls.

Dwyane Wade is SURE AS HELL NOT going to spend (possibly) the last two All-Star level seasons of his career with the Denver Nuggets, no matter what dollar amount they’re prepared to offer him:

It’s just not gonna happen. Not only is it almost impossible to believe D. Wade would leave South Beach, his new basketball climate is a terrible fit….in ALL cases.

Milwaukee is young and wants to run. So, you’re gonna cut some minutes from Giannis, Kh-Mid, & Jabari for Wade’s inevitable touches? – Yeah, that’s not ideal…

If they were to somehow pull it off, Chicago would have Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler & Wade leading the charge. They’d also have three tremendous egos fighting for control. – Yeah, that’s not ideal…

And Denver? Well it’s the least sensical of all. Just a week ago, they drafted two promising guards, Jamal Murray & Malik Beasley, to go along with their already solid core of Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris & Will Barton.

So naturally, 34-YEAR OLD DWYANE WADE makes sense, right? – Yeah, that’s not ideal..

So in the end, when Dwyane Wade and the HEAT come to terms with a 2 year/$52 million pact, Wade will have successfully completed the greatest spin move of his 13-year career.

D. Wade’s a businessman who realizes the importance of leverage & relationships in negotiations. With Miami coming out as the “bad guy” here, love and fan support for D. Wade has never been higher, which ultimately gives him the better chance at getting the money.

Timing. Precision. Twitter: Everything necessary to pull of his best spin move all-time.


-Jabari J.

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