“The Drought is Over”: Warriors-Cavs CHAMPIONSHIP Recap

lebron champ
You just witnessed the greatest comeback in NBA history. (Getty Images)

The Scoop: cleaning up last night’s action in the Association…

NBA Finals (Game 7)

CAVS 93, Warriors 89

cavs champs
(USA TODAY Sports)

Cavs Stats Leaders: 

PTS: LeBron James – 27 | REBS: Kevin Love – 14 | ASTS: James – 11

Dubs Stats Leaders: 

PTS: Draymond Green – 32 | REBS: Green – 15 | ASTS: Green– 9

Top DOG of the Night: LeBron James (27 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds)

lebron 600

Quick Recap: 

For the first time since 1964, Cleveland, Ohio is the home of champions. Let that settle in for a bit…

In (possibly) the greatest comeback in NBA history, LeBron James & the Cavs delivered on their championship promise by defeating Golden State, on the road, in Game 7.

A defensive struggle for most of the night, Cleveland & GS were locked in a dog fight heading into quarter number 4. The threes stopped falling for GS and the Cavs took advantage of an opportunity to pounce.

Big plays by LeBron, shutdown defense from Tristan Thompson & KEVIN LOVE, and a beautiful, stake-in-the-heart step back 3 from Kyrie Irving to seal the deal.

Execution. Resiliency. A pissed off legend doing whatever it took to fulfill his destiny.

Just like that, the Cavs are World Champs.

Plays of the Day:

“Mamba Mentality”

“The Block”


For the Cavs, everyone stepped up at the right time. JR Smith knocked down shots to keep the game close in the 3rd. Love and Thompson were money on defense.

Richard Jefferson played scrappy and fought hard for his first ring. And KYRIE IRVING – the coldest scoring point in the game, was magnificent in the second half (26 on the night) and knocked down one of the biggest shots we’ve ever seen.

And now, onto LeBron.

LeBron James became the first player in Finals history to lead both teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals & blocks…

HOW do you even begin to summarize his impact on the game and extreme will to win? His drive is the main reason why I predicted Cleveland to pull it out prior to the start of the series.

At a certain point, you’re just not gonna deny all-time greats from reaching the pinnacle of their sport. The two titles in Miami were amazing in their own right but delivering on a promise to his cursed, yet beloved city after decades and decades of heartache is a storybook ending.

LeBron’s legacy is cemented.

As for the Dubs…

While it’d be foolish to discredit 73 wins, an incredible 3-1 Conference Finals comeback, a unanimous MVP and Coach of the Year, winning it all was, and always will be, the primary goal.

Is there a silver lining for Golden State in the midst of defeat? Absolutely. Free agency will be “fruitful,” Stephen Curry will return next year a bit healthier & less overconfident (“hero ball” doomed GS in the 4th quarter), and the top DOGs (Draymond Green: 32, 15 & 9; Klay Thompson) are all young an haven’t even approached their prime.

No matter how you feel about the former champs, just know the Dubs aren’t going anywhere.


-Jabari J.

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