Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia (GSW) – “ZQ” nike

(Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports)
(Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports)


GSW Center: 6’11, 270 lbs; 15th year, Republic of Georgia 

NBA Role: veteran center Salty DOG

Zaza Pachulia is tough, hits open shots and always makes the extra pass; great glue guy for GS, an ideal fifth option if such a thing exists – ‘game-swinger – solid offensive rebounder who keeps plays alive by hustling and working around the clock; not a natural rim protector, Zaza’s a center who helps advance an offense: keeps the ball moving, cleans up misses, won’t take bad shots – Zaza keeps everything in place, while remaining a threat when the ball finds him (lurks well); gives good minutes when he’s out there, adds intangibles (if nothing else) to your lineup; Zaza’s like a chameleon – whatever role you need (enforcer, midrange shooter, rebounder), he’ll fulfill it; adds much needed frontcourt depth in Golden State – the fifth starter, Zaza sets strong screens, keeps his head up for shooters

Signature Shot: goose-neck jumper

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 76


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

  • Career: 7 points/game, 6 rebounds/game, 47% FG
  • Avg. career-high 12.2 points/night (2006-07)