Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza (HOU) “Lord Athreeza” nike

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roxSmall Forward: 6’8, 215 lbs; 14th year, UCLA 

 NBA Role: versatile, two-way forward • Hybrid

Trevor Ariza aka ‘Lord Athreeza’ has a devastating, long-range ‘death ray’ that he unleashes from either elbow; an adaptable defender and shifty slasher, Ariza’s name is normally featured when discussing two-way small forwards – though he isn’t the most natural scorer, Trevor’s good for about 12-14/night on 37% shooting from outside; doesn’t feature much of an in-between game – Ariza scores either from long range or via “no-doubter” dunks or layups on the break; caught fire for the Lakers in the 2009 Playoffs and never looked back (seriously, it was absurd; shot 48% from downtown) – his clutch performance transformed him from former second round, potential-3&D guy to indispensable role player; perfect under Mike D’Antoni – HOU’s designated stopper, Ariza doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon

Signature Shot: ‘Elbow Death Ray’

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 77


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

  • Career: 10.5 points/game, 4.8 rebounds/game, 43% FG
  • NBA Champion (2009) LOB
  • Avg. career-high 14.9 points/game (2009-10) – 1st Houston stint