Skal Labissiere

Skal Labissiere (SAC) – “Lab” nike

(Jennifer Stewart/USA TODAY Sports)


Sac Logo Power Forward/Center: 6’11, 225 lbs; 2nd year, Kentucky

NBA Role: (raw) inside-out prospect • UnderDOG

Prior to the 2015-16 season, Skal Labissiere was discussed as a possible top-5 pick – after an up and down freshman season at UK, he slid all the way to #28 where Vlade Divac acquired his rights via trade from PHX; now, Skal at #28 is different than Skal in the lottery – the pressure of immediate production is not a thing – he’s a “steal” if he ends up working out in Sacramento; tremendous, raw talent, far from a finished product – when he doesn’t overthink action, Skal boasts a solid midrange J, is more than able to get by slower defenders; good rebounding & shot-blocking prospect, though too slight to hold guys one-on-one; pretty decent form on his J but seems at least a couple years away from putting up (near) stretch four numbers; Dave Joerger doesn’t hand out roles – but that’s great for Skal, he’s building confidence organically while developing strong habits in the meantime

Signature Shot: TBD.

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 70


Couple DOG Facts:

  • Career: 8.8 points/game, 4.9 rebounds/game, 53% FG
  • Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti