Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay (SAC) “2K Legend” nike

(Sergio Estrada/USA TODAY Sports)
(Sergio Estrada/USA TODAY Sports)


Sac Logo Small Forward: 6’8, 230 lbs; 12th year, UConn 

NBA Role: scoring, hybrid forward Hybrid

There’s no real reason why Rudy Gay’s never been an All-Star – he’s truly one of the most magnificent (yet sometimes inefficient) scorers at the forward position; now here’s a guyyyy – at 6’8, Gay is gonna give you near-20 points every single night; can do so much on offense: fadeaway J’s, threes, elbow post-ups, quick swing-thrus – tough matchup, often commands attn from your team’s top defender; transitioning to the four spot – struggles with stronger guys on D but uses his speed and shooting ability to create mismatches; reputation as a ‘me-first’ player, a narrative created (largely) because to Gay’s overwhelming, yet inconsistent package despite Top DOG talent; is another change of scenery on the horizon? – too high maintenance for a non-franchise player* – we hear Rudy’s name more often than we should for non-basketball/chemistry related reasons; will a contender come swoop him up at some point?

*doesn’t fit in every situation, hard pressed to incorporate him into your offense w/o some stagnation; is Rudy now an ideal backup or 4th option on a contender?

Signature Shot: ‘patient’ turnaround J

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 80


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 18.4 points/game, 5.9 rebounds/game, 45% FG

Avg. career-high 21.1 points/game (2014-15)

The Most Interesting Man in the NBA – forgotten classic!

Perpetually overrated on NBA 2K

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