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Pau Gasol (SAS) “Meal Ticket” | “Pau Pau Pau” nike

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SAS Power Forward/Center: 7’0, 250 lbs; 17th year, Spain 

 NBA Role: highly skilled, offensive-minded 4/5 • Salty DOG

A 2-time NBA champ, 6-time All-Star & former Rookie of the Year, Pau Gasol’s had an illustrious career; an amazing passer, midrange shooter and skilled big on the block, running offense through Pau remains an option – can find teammates over the top (or flashing cutters), destroy you w/ a barrage of jumpers; interesting case study: won’t box out but grabs double-digit boards almost every night – screams after the slightest bit of contact but calling him soft is overplayed and inaccurate; struggles with one-on-one D – Coach Pop has the unenviable task of finding ways for Pau & LMA to coexist defensively*; can Pau capture title #3 San Antonio?

*on offense, hi-low action is featured

Signature Shot: midrange J from the top of the key

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 84


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 17.9 points/game, 9.4 rebounds/game, 51% FG

2x NBA Champion (’09-’10) LOBLOB

6x All-Star (Last: 2016) starstarstarstarstarstar

Rookie of the Year (2002)

Older brother of   (obviously) • There was no prior mention of Marc, so his inclusion was necessary, no matter how trivial

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