Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes (GSW) “Try Me…” ad

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GSW Small Forward: 6’7, 226 lbs; 15th year, UCLA

NBA Role: defensive-minded forward Salty DOG

Matt Barnes’s ‘tough guy act’ isn’t an act – he’ll put everything on the line to defend a teammate or right a wrong; hot-headed but it fits his persona to a tee: gets way too many techs but can lift up a lifeless squad w/ energy and effort; corner 3 specialist – every once in a while, Barnes drives hard to the basket after faking, really likes finishing with his left (just ask Derek Fisher!) – especially on the break; skinny guy board snatcher* – crashes the glass, wiry strong & athletic; supporting role** in GS, well acquainted w/ each other; has a lot enemies and people trying to drain him of his energy but Barnes focuses on his surroundings & stays true to himself

*like Andre Roberson (OKC)

**key piece of the 2007, ‘We Believe’ squad

Signature Shot: corner 3

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 74


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 8.2 points/game, 4.6 rebounds/game, 44% FG

Has played for 9 different (NBA) teams

Avg. career-high 10.3 points/game (2012-13)

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