Manu Ginobili

Emanuel David Ginobili (SAS) “Manu” nike

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SAS Shooting Guard: 6’6, 205 lbs; 16th year, Argentina

 NBA Role: creative scorer • Salty DOG

Year no. 16 of Manu Ginobili’s (NBA) career is his last, so enjoy him while you still can!; a former 57th overall pick* turned World Champ starter turned World Champ Sixth Man, Ginobili is a revolutionary lefty at the guard spot; for all you kids out there who just see Manu as the old guy w/ the bald spot (who’s still automatic on 2K), guess what?? – he was the 1st to popularize the ‘eurostep’ & he’s ALWAYS had that bald spot!; Manu’s ‘acting’ has also influenced the next generation of guards, but that’s another story; nowadays, Manu’s key moves are a slip-back 3 & quick floater – elite basketball IQ**: keeps the engine running smoothly off the bench; once deemed ‘Stud of the World’ by Coach Pop, San Antonio would be nowhere near as cohesive without its Sixth Man; still has some gas left in the tank to hit big 3s, get to the basket and make spectacular passes in the postseason

*1999 was a fun year

**Manu is the master (1) at backing allll the way up when challenged by a big on the perimeter – once he does, it creates a clear path to the bucket^ using his greatest advantage (speed) as a small. Nine times out of ten, Manu will, at the very least, draw a foul or kick out to an open man

  • ^in this case, WCS was the hedge man but didn’t step up – Manu can either attack the seam between the guard (Rondo) & big (which he did here) or blow right by on a straight switch

Scouting Grade: B+

Signature Sequence: recognize mismatch, fake, floater

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 79


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 13.6 points/game, 3.9 assists/game, 3.6 rebounds/game, 45% FG

4x NBA Champion (’03, ’05, ’07, ’14) LOBLOBLOBLOB

2x All-Star (’05, ’11) starstar

Sixth Man of the Year (2008)

THE best European guard of All-Time?

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  • “GI-NO-BLI” – I wouldn’t be so quick to call this a “throwback” game because 2015-16 Lakers (via FreeDawkins; Jan. 2016):