Lavoy Allen

Lavoy Allen (IND) “Janitor” nike

(David Manning/USA TODAY Sports)


IND Power Forward: 6’9, 255 lbs; 7th year, Temple

 NBA Role: ‘dirty work’ four man • UnderDOG

Lavoy Allen, Temple’s finest, is one of those guys who does his job no matter what the circumstances are; does all the little things right; nicknamed the ‘Janitor,’ it’s easy to find a role for Allen to play; just an all-around, solid talent – Lavoy’s solid on the boards, solid on D, and solid to about 18 feet w/ his high-release J; the model of consistency – every point Allen scores comes with boards on the side (very good rebounder – wide base, hard to move around); keeper in a rotation because Allen realizes how valuable it is to play well in 15-20 minute increments; good fit for Indiana’s culture – is he the enforcer on Nate McMillan’s scrappy front line?

Signature Shot: midrange J

 (*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 72


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

  • Career: 4.8 points/game, 4.8 rebounds/game, 47% FG
  • Avg. career-high 5.8 points/game (2012-13)