Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson (IND) – “Born Ready” and1

(Andy Lyons/USA TODAY Sports)


IND Shooting Guard: 6’5, 230 lbs; 8th year, Cincinatti

NBA Role: creative playmaker • UnderDOG

An enigmatic, Brooklyn-bred guard with flair, Lance a do whatever it takes to make u dance; exciting playmaker: Lance demands the ball in his hands to maximize his talents; semi-destructive force at the two (one of those powerfully athletic guards) – gets defenders off balance with rocker steps, crossovers and hard drives (however erratic they can get sometimes); everything about Lance is just different…like the way he legitimately ‘places’ lay-ups in the basket after a slick spin move; not a great set shooter; sticky defender when influenced; Lance is back in Indy! – can Coach Nate McMillan integrate Stephenson while motivating him into a perimeter stopper role?

Signature Move: spin, lay-up

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 74


Couple DOG Facts:

  • Career: 8.7 points/game, 4.1 rebounds/game, 45% FG
  • Avg. career-high 35.3 mpg (2013-14)