Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (CLE)  “Uncle Drew” kyr

(Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports)
(Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports)


cavsPoint Guard: 6’3, 193 lbs; 7th year, Duke 

NBA Role: offensive superstar Top DOG

One of the top guards in all of basketball, Kyrie Irving can do whatever he wants offensively – a master, ‘rock up, shoot’ guy, we should all be envious of Irving’s isolation instincts; effortless scorer: equally as talented taking the ball to the cup – as he is shooting from downtown – as he is getting to the line – as he is iso’ing & cashing off-balance Js; can take anyone off the dribble, at any time; developing into more of a vocal leader on the floor; very injury prone; defense was a foreign language his first few years – now, Kyrie’s at the “I can understand some of it but can’t hold a conversation” stage; never pressure too tight, or you’re finished: Kyrie handles the rock better than Nawt from Space Jam; when healthy, Kyrie is an unquestioned franchise PG…has the it factor & is clutcher than you or I will ever be

Signature Move: league’s BEST rocks, jumper

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 89


“Uncle Drew’s DOG Facts” 

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 21.6 points/game, 5.5 assists/game, 46% FG

NBA Champion (2016) LOB

Olympic Gold Medalist (2016)

4x All-Star (’13-’15, ’17) starstarstarstar

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