Kay Felder

Kahlil Ameer Felder Jr. (CLE)  “Kay” nike

(David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)


cavsPoint Guard: 5’9, 176 lbs; 2nd year, Oakland

NBA Role: (raw) explosive lead guard UnderDOG

Selected no. 54 overall in the 2016 Draft, CLE’s Kay Felder is a second-round prospect on a title contender*; carbon copy of BOS‘s Isaiah Thomas in terms of physical build – Felder’s an, “I live in the gym” lefty PG who uses his strength & quickness to get into the lane and finish through contact; creates opportunities for teammates by attacking, comfortable operating outta the PnR; might not defend at a high level initially, (somehow) needs to find a way to use his size to an advantage and disrupt action; situational scorer – can Kay spell Kyrie in 2018?

*it’s not how high you go, it’s where

Signature Shot: TBD.

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 69


Couple DOG Facts:

  • Career: 4 points/game, 1.4 assists/game, 39% FG
  • Horizon League Player of the Year (2016)