John Henson

John Henson (MIL) “Elastic Man” nike

John H
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MILPower Forward/Center: 6’11, 229 lbs; 6th year, UNC 

 NBA Role: athletic, hybrid 4/5 • UnderDOG

We may not be personally acquainted but there’s one thing I know about you (reader) – John Henson’s arms are much, much longer than yours; and what does Henson use ’em for? getting loose as a weak side shot blocker – anticipates plays well and uses his quick feet to rotate effectively; doesn’t have a ton of offense outside finishing catches as a roll man and a few FOH finishes with his left hand*; struggles staying out of foul trouble, much like former running mate, Larry Sa– let’s not go there…; full-time, starting center potential? – Henson needs to watch a continuous loop of Tyson Chandler (PHX)’s championship year w/ Dallas until it hits home

Signature Shot: lefty hook

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 76


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 7.7 points/game, 5.1 rebounds/game, 53% FG

Avg. career-high 11.1 points/game (2013-14)

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