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George Hill (UTA) “G. Hill” nike

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utsmallPoint Guard: 6’3, 188 lbs; 10th year, IUPUI 

NBA Role: versatile point guard • Hybrid 

It’s no coincidence a lot of coaches, players & fans view George Hill as one of the more versatile, yet slightly underrated point guards in the Association; wily, veteran PG wired to win: G. Hill is steady in every area; good finisher on the break, gets above the rim in transition, go-to dunk: ‘one handed fly-thru’; extremely smart, sequence defender – like a cornerback on a full house blitz, G. Hill uses his long arms to disrupt passing lanes, turning defense into offense; quick going to the hole – Hill stays under control, can score from in between – savvy creator, splices through for quick floaters – but if the lane is clogged, he’ll make the extra pass; offensive consistency isn’t a given (has plenty of ‘meh’ stretches over the course of 82 games), though a maximum effort on D is second nature*

*G. Hill’s a great addition because Utah is the rare young squad w/ an already established defensive framework • Hill didn’t need to waste time convincing the younger guys to lock up, making his transition smoother as a result

Signature Shot: soft righty floater

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 76


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 11.8 points/game, 3.3 assists/game, 45% FG

Avg. career-high 16.1 points/game (2014-15)

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