Doug McDermott

Doug McDermott (OKC) – “Dougie McBuckets” nike

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OKC Small Forward:  6’8, 225 lbs; 4th year, Creighton 

NBA Role: scoring wing • UnderDOG

A young archer on the rise, Doug McBuckets is a shooter & scorer: first, second and third; McDermott: the prototypical ‘rhythm player’ – productivity is based on confidence, as is the case for most marksmen – if the first couple shots fall, ‘yay’ Doug is gonna get like 15-18 (if not, pencil in exactly 9 points); can fill it up when feeling some sort of flow – Doug can knock down Js off curls, via spot ups and quick, short-arm runners in the lane; uses his size to an advantage for fadeaways; (Mc)stinks at making the extra pass & crashing the glass, though a quick injection of effort would alleviate the problem rather quickly*; next steps: continue to perfect his fallaway J out of the mid-post, learn what it means to play team defense; traded to OKC midway thru Year 3 – opportunity to grow in a new system w/ an elite penetrator (Russ)

*An awkward way to say Doug just needs to slow the game down a bit more and pay attention to something other than scoring, which could naturally come w/ maturation  

Signature Shot: quick release 3-pointer

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 74


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 8 points/game, 2.3 rebounds/game, 45% FG

NCAA Scoring Champ (2014) – Campus Hero 

National College Player of the Year (2014)

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  • “Call Me McBuckets” – Doug can certainly score, that’s for true! His 2015-16 highlights, just for you (via 1677091 Productions; May 2016):