Deron Williams

Deron Williams (CLE) – “D-Will” nike

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cavsPoint Guard: 6’3, 200 lbs; 13th year, Illinois

NBA Role: playmaking, power guard Salty DOG

Is Deron Williams back to being ‘D-Will’?; a former All-Star & 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, Williams remains a steady PG; acquired by CLE via buyout (Feb. ’17)smart PnR commander, hits shooters on pop backs, can loft passes up to bigs after a high screen; shoots a lot of midrangers & threes (can erupt from beyond the arc) off screens but Williams smashes through guys in the post as well; a rare post-up ‘power guard’ w/ shake: Deron can make a play w/ a live ball (rock you back & forth, launch a fadeaway or drive for a floater) or get down on the box; poor conditioning, lack of motivation? & poor shot selection have all popped up during Deron’s career; counted open to make plays in Coach Lue’s second unit

Signature Move: crossover, hop 3

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 76


Couple DOG Facts:

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Career: 16.3 points/game, 8.1 assists/game, 45% FG

2x Olympic Gold Medalist (’08, ’12)

3x All-Star (’10-’12) starstarstar

2x All-NBA Second Team (’08, ’10)

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  • “Extinction” – Remember kids, Deron Williams scored 57 back in the day (via VintageDawkins; Feb. 2012):