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DeMarcus Cousins (NOP) – “Boogie” | “Big Cuz” nike

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NOP Center: 6’11, 270 lbs; 8th year, Kentucky 

NBA Role: all-world superstar

DeMarcus Cousins: a ridiculously gifted, yet volatile All-Star pivot; basketball unicorn: when it comes to body type, an inside-out skill set & rugged aggression down low, it’s tough to peg a comparison; ‘BBQ chicken’ when Boogie gets down on the block – full deck: turnaround hooks & Js, step throughs, and thunderous dunks (after bodying up defenders) are the norm; new wave center: shooting more and more threes these days*, can go coast to coast and finish as a near-300 pounder, unguardable down low; average defender – takes charges but has difficulty locking down the paint/defending the rim; beast on the boards: Boogie is an automatic double-double every night; needs to avoid picking up silly fouls, learn to stay level-headed if a call doesn’t go his way**; top 12 player in the game?; Cousins hasn’t tasted the playoffs in his career – 1-2 punch in ‘Nawlins w/ Anthony Davis – will Boogie thrive in his new surroundings?

*does damage with straightaway, trail triples

**poor body language is oft a topic for discussion when it comes to Boogie – if something doesn’t go his way, Cousins should put on his poker face instead of giving the opposition ammunition to advance the situation


Signature Sequence: seal, spin, thunderous dunk

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 90


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 21.2 points/game, 10.8 rebounds/game, 46% FG

Olympic Gold Medalist (2016)

3x All-Star (’15-’17) starstarstar

2x All-NBA Second Team (’15, ’16)

‘Key Term’ – Boogie Night (n.) destructive outing in which Boogie tallies a monster double-double (30+ points, 12+ rebounds), feeds teammates, swacks a 3, and takes a charge (or two) en route to a Kings victory – ya know, like the time he destroyed Indy in January 2016

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“Featured Lights”

  • “May I Have This Dance?” – Hard to fathom Boogie scored 56 points despite fouling out – we could’ve seen a 65-point night if he lasted deep into OT (via GD’s Latest Highlights; Jan. 2016):