Darryl Falconer

Darryl Falconer (CHI) – “Falc” 



Shooting Guard/Small Forward: 6’0, 165 lbs; 3rd year, Illinois | Career (game to 15 by 1s & 2s): 6 points/game, 7 rebounds/game, 3 assists/game, 48% FG

“Off the Court”

Chicago native & graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; has developed an affinity for tech-inclined endeavors including web design, and web/app development; regaining his mojo in NBA 2k16 after taking a few years off to do…life; proud supporter of Fighting Illini, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Cubs

CHI“On the Court”

When Falc walks onto the floor, he won’t intimidate or overpower you, it’s more of a systematic beat down with a barrage of hanging, one-dribble pull-ups & long range bombs; solid athlete with great timing – out hustles opponents for offensive boards and easy put backs; primarily an outside scorer, Falc does have decent finishing ability going right (though still perfecting the art of consistent, lefty shots); once he gets rolling from downtown, chalk it up

DOG Status: UnderDOG

“Falc’s Squad”

KD Russ towns Rose 60

Joakim Noah 600 Jimmy B 600 Whi Jabari

Rondo DMC Wall Steph

Basketball Role: outside scorer

Signature Move: one-dribble, hanging jumper