Beno Udrih

Beno Udrih (DET) – “Uderich” peak

Beno Udrih (Mark Humphrey:AP)
(Mark Humphrey/Associated Press)


DET Point Guard: 6’3, 205 lbs; 14th year, Slovenia 

NBA Role: crafty, scoring point • Salty DOG

Beno’s a seasoned vet when it comes to this s***; been taking names for over 10 years – (primarily) scoring guard who loves to wreak havoc near the foul line; solid fade game, though Beno’s lil lefty leaner does a ton of damage; Beno’s had some nice as a midrange scorer and distributor, not much of a 3-point shooter or defender (at this point) – two areas DET desperately values and needs, respectively; shoulddd be able to give Coach Van Gundy 15-20 minutes/night if need be, while also creating shots for guys like Jon Leuer & Aron Baynes in the second unit; there’s always room for a cagey finisher and playmaker like Beno

DOG Status: Salty DOG

Signature Shot: midrange jumper

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 72


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

  • Career: 8.4 points/game, 3.4 assists/game, 46% FG
  • 2x NBA Champion (’05, ’07) LOBLOB