Arron Afflalo

Arron Agustin Afflalo (SAC) “Aflac” | “AAA” nike

(Hector Amezcua/Sac Bee)
(Hector Amezcua/Sac Bee)


Sac Logo Shooting Guard: 6’5, 210 lbs; 11th year, UCLA 

NBA Role: veteran wing • Salty DOG

Arron Afflalo remains a nice, rotational shooting guard who can defend & knock down jumpers; role player w/ a lot of big-time opportunities: you look for Afflalo in the 4th because he’s always ready; pull-up, ‘pseudo-gooseneck  J’ guy* – very good midrange shooter – owns elbow zones, crossover attacker who rises up mid-dribble; ever-so-slight hitch in his giddy up but Arron’s a flame on shooter nonetheless; loves posting up – not the biggest or strongest guard but gets into a nice, low stance and releases turnaround Js w/ ease; two key questions for the immediate future: can Afflalo push the button more as a scorer? … is his defense on a rapid decline?; a bit of a journeyman – bounced around in recent years – is SacTown Afflalo’s final stop?

*Afflalo always gets his feet squared before gathering   

Signature Shot: turnaround fader

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 76


Couple DOG Facts:

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Career: 11.3 points/game, 3 rebounds/game, 45% FG

Once called ‘Aflac’ by Rasheed Wallace in a game

Kendrick Lamar used to be jealous of him

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