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Alec Burks (UTA) “Houdini” ad

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utsmallShooting Guard: 6’6, 214 lbs; 7th year, Colorado

NBA Role: versatile, scoring two-guard • Star UnderDOG

Utah’s Alec Burks is an electric two guard w/ slick handles – Alec’s herky-jerky style is tough to sit on – like a knuckleballer, you think he’s going one way, then he shifts his entire body in the opposite direction for an inconceivable finish at the rim; the biggest wild card in Utah’s backcourt? – Alec Burks is a problem when fully healthy (top 10 ‘rock man’); downhill runner – strength, speed & sharp cuts of a running back; formerly a non-shooter, Burks boasts a decent pull-up & outside J, though his arm still drops way too far after releasing; tough defender when pushed – it’s hard to earn a (low-key) defensive reputation when you’re always injured AND come off the bench but Alec’s an exception; after another string of injuries (ankle, leg, always some shoulder stuff going on :/), Burks must work his way back into a Sixth Man role – has great comp. w/ DiawJJ, & DX all in line to rip off their warmup 1st 

Signature Move: crossover, (seemingly impossible) twirling layup

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 77


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 10.1 points/game, 2.9 rebounds/game, 43% FG

First Team All-Big-12 (2011)

Avg. career-high 14 points/game (2013-14)

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