“Stock Up: James Johnson”

The Miami HEAT are streaking! A winning spree not many saw coming (or cared to predict), Erik Spoelstra’s savvy group of vets is finding a groove. One key reason: DION WAITERS. Another key reason, however? The emergence/steadiness of James Johnson. JJ, who’s normally difficult to find a role for, is thriving as a versatile defender & playmaker off Coach Spo’s bench. JJ’s varied skill set is utilized … Continue reading “Stock Up: James Johnson”

LeBron’s Media Melee Dissected

Much has been made of the recent LeBron James media tirade, in which he directly and indirectly berated his teammates, coach, and front office all in one jumbled post game speech. However, there’s multiple shots and subliminal to extract from his very calculated responses to media questions. Delay of Game Hoops will break it down for you… What LeBron said: “I just hope that we’re not satisfied … Continue reading LeBron’s Media Melee Dissected

Quick Notes: “Pels Upset Cavs”

One of the bigger regular season upsets took place last night – the victim: Cleveland. Coming off a rough loss to San Antonio over the weekend, Cleveland looked to rebound v. the Anthony Davis-less Pels in New Orleans. Instead, AD’s former UK running mate Terrence Jones stole the show w/ 36 points, 11 boards & 3 blocks. ‘Nawlins snuck away w/ a W & now sit … Continue reading Quick Notes: “Pels Upset Cavs”

The Jazz’s Roots are Strong In Salt Lake

Traditionally, ownership of NBA teams are treated as more of profitable business ventures than a passion project. Owners range anywhere from families to distant business partners who have more money than any one individual would ever know what to do with. The trend in these highly marketable, money-printing sports conglomerates is to seek wherever the dollar takes you. Even worse, the owners that tend to own these teams feed … Continue reading The Jazz’s Roots are Strong In Salt Lake