Paul George Sounds Off on Pacers

Paul George is not happy with the start of this season. (Getty Images/2016)

Paul George: “We’re all out of whack. There’s no trust, there’s no chemistry, there’s no belief. We’re kind of just lifeless right now.”

Strong words for a team that received so much herald and praise this offseason for their ability to challenge the throne in the eastern conference. But Paul George hits the nail on the head, the Pacers just don’t look good right now.

The Pacers currently sit at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, with a 3-4 record. A large part of this slow start? Defense.

Their defense has been dismal, allowing over 100 points in every game except one, since the start of the season.

*points allowed

  • 10/26 vs. DAL:  *121
  • 10/28 vs. BRK: *103
  • 10/29 vs. CHI: *118
  • 11/01 vs. LAL: *108
  • 11/03 vs. MIL: *125
  • 11/05 vs. CHI: *94
  • 11/07 vs. CHA: *122

In the process of a new coach and new players, the Pacers seem to have lost their defensive identity which was once upon a time firmly in tact under coach Frank Vogel. Now current coach Nate McMillan is tasked with his first test of the season; steering this ship on the right course.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Chicago Bulls

When Paul George is kicking basketball’s at fans and getting ejected, things are definitely headed for the wrong direction. It’s early in the season, but hopefully the Pacers don’t continue to dig themselves into a hole they won’t be able to fully climb out of.


Darryl F

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