10/27/16 • Quick Feature: “Anthony Davis Almost Scored Half the Pels’ Points Last Night”

What an Opening Night for New Orleans Pelicans superstar (& possible android) Anthony Davis, who put up ungodly numbers in a narrow defeat on Wednesday. It’s obvious AD wanted to make some sort of statement and set the tone for his squad after mustering only 30 wins a season ago.

And if you look at the opponent (home opener v. DEN), last night was a very “get-able” game on paper – the Nuggets are still discovering themselves, regardless of the Pels’ early injury woes (Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans both out).

AD came out like gangbusters, cruising to 28 points, 5 rebounds & 5 steals by HALFTIME. A night’s worth of stats in just under 24 minutes of action.

With his team trailing, Davis didn’t let up after the break – he was just in that kind of groove (via FreeDawkins; Oct. 2016):

50 points, 16 rebounds, 7 steals, 5 dimes, 4 blocks*…all for naught. The Pelicans went on to lose (107-102; Davis committed a late turnover, down 3, that no one will/should vilify him for) because, well, when one guy has to score half your points, you’re probably not a very good team.

But it’s okay – maybe we’ll see more performances like this as a result.

*1st player since 1973 w/ such numbers 


-Jabari J.

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