NBA 2K17 “Friction” Trailer Released

NBA 2K17 is right around the corner*, set to release in a few weeks (Sept. 16th). Today, 2K released its “Friction” trailer, a two-minute teaser video with a few key stars, added animations, & graphics improvements:

Right off the bat, a few player models & arenas look a bit sleeker than 2K16. D’Angelo Russell’s ‘ice in my veins’ celebration is in there, we get our first virtual look at Kevin Durant in a Warriors uniform and Ben Simmons’s player model is on point.

There’s a ton of features & screen shots to be released soon as we get closer to the 16th. 2K’s ‘Friction’ trailer is a solid start but hopefully a couple gameplay videos are soon behind.

*Today marks the first day of a our new NBA2K coverage here at Delay of Game Sports. You’re welcome* 


-Jabari J.

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