“Blake Griffin For Space Jam 2?”

Michael Jordan’s pick to defend the universe? Blake Griffin. (Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports)

A few months back, Space Jam 2 was (unofficially) announced – starring Cavs superstar LeBron James. Even before LeBron led Cleveland to an improbable 3-1 comeback in the Finals, he’s the obvious choice to follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps, right?

Well, not in the eyes of MJ. During a recent Q&A at this camp, Jordan was asked who he thought should star in a Space Jam reboot and team up with his former Looney Tunes comrades.

His response?

That’s right. Blake Griffin.

Not bad, MJ – we’re on the same page. Now, LeBron should definitely star but there needs to be a relatively large role for LA’s naturally charismatic superstar. Not only does Griffin have experience doing a live read of the original Space Jam, he already has some solid acting chops under his belt – he’s done a million Kia commercials and recently guest starred in Broad City.

Griffin provides a genuine, comedic element you need when casting athletes for any type of scripted project. And LeBron, coming off a decentttt “performance” in Trainwreck, could play off Blake in a buddy-cop-kinda-way.

Blake + LeBron + Bugs + cameos by MJ and Bill Murray? (latter half is wishful thinking to say the least)

How could you top that!?


-Jabari J.

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