“Ben Simmons’ True NBA Skill”

Ben Simmons
If you’re open, Ben Simmons will find you. (Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports)

When watching Ben Simmons during Summer League, there’s a clear, NBA skill on display each time he’s on the court. It’s natural. It’s unforced. It’s beautiful.

It’s, it’s…some of the best passing you’ll see from a 19-year old:

The vid’s in slow motion for dramatic effect (obviously) but that’s really how Simmons views the game. Ben’s control and patience are far beyond his years – key factors why Philly selected him #1 overall.

It’s funny to see how teams decide to defend him. Right now, the basic scouting report is to give Simmons plenty of daylight beyond 10-12 feet: force him to shoot, while dropping back to defend or rotate over for help.

That strategy will quickly go by the wayside, as Simmons is aggressive enough with his shot to keep defenders honest & working and he can penetrate and dish once the D converges.

At 6’10, near 250 with guard speed, Simmons is strong enough, quick enough and savvy enough to make hard drives toward the basket and place easy dimes to cutting teammates or shooters on the perimeter.

*Note to Sixers: Make yourself available via cuts & off-ball action (if I’m Brett Brown, adding more motion, side PnRs, etc. is a priority – Brown needs to maximize Ben’s best skill while he eases into other parts of his game*

Someone like Robert Covington, for example, is a perfect complement for Simmons because he moves well without the rock and can spot up for triples.

So, even though Simmons is getting the Rajon Rondo treatment early on, it isn’t gonna hurt him too much in the short term. As long as he continues to make ’em pay with sweet dimes, checking him won’t be a walk in the park.


-Jabari J.

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